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Marla Brooks was born and raised in Hollywood, CA and still lives in the Los Angeles area. She is an author, tarot reader and the host of her own show, Stirring the Cauldron, on the Para X Radio Network.

Growing up, she always knew that there was more to this world than the eye could see, and always found the notion of ghosts and other things that go bump in the night rather fascinating. Of course, you might expect that from a witch! She didn't just decide one day that she wanted to be a witch, it's just part of who she is. You see in her case, her great-grandmother was a witch and these things do get passed down in the bloodline from generation to generation.

She has never lived in a house that wasn't haunted and has had several paranormal experiences, starting at a very early age.

Before coming "out of the broom closet," she worked as an entertainment writer for several national publications mainly doing celebrity interviews. In that vein, she wrote a celebrity cookbook, Eat Like the Stars, and a reference book called The American Family on Television.

Her first paranormal book, Ghosts of Hollywood: The Show Still Goes On was published in 2008, and Ghosts Of Hollywood II: Talking To Spirits and Ghosts of Hollywood III were quick to follow. When she was offered the opportunity to write a book called Workplace Spells: Everyday Magick On The Job, she readily accepted, and then was able to do a book that's close to her heart, Animal Spells and Magick. Then, feeling the need to step out of her writing comfort zone with non-fiction, she decided to attempt a fantasy fiction book which resulted in her latest endeavor, an E-Book called A Bad Case of the Collywobbles. A paranormal thriller is in the editing stages. To find out more about Marla's books, please click on the Books section of this website.

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